Is talent waste affecting your business growth?

Did you know that:

• 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions <Harvard Business Review>
• 30% of employees leave within their first year <Office for National Statistics>
• The cost of an employee leaving is on average £12,000 <CIPD>

Talent Waste is what happens when you can’t retain employees and they leave. Find out how it’s is affecting your business with our calculator. Enter the number of hires you make each year, and then move the slider to see how your retention rate affects your annual rehire cost.

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Hire the Best Talent

Phoenix51 ensures each applicant is assessed against your organisation’s competencies, skills and values, and boosts the chances of bringing the best people into your company. From pre-screening through competency-based interview to assessment, the platform ensures a structured and robust recruitment process.

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