MediaCom were working with pieces of paper and post-it notes to obtain data on candidates. The process was completely subjective, and the data was not reusable at all. Over 20 different managers would be involved in the hiring process, and they needed a simple solution to produce useable data-points for candidates coming into the business. They also had challenges around bias towards people they had hired in the past.

In early 2019, MediaCom started using the platform to benchmark their current managers, enabling them to appraise and promote from within. MediaCom have now adopted the platform to interview and recruit across the business. They learnt that by pulling together the key data analytics on individual candidates and staff members, they could make far more considered hiring and promotional decisions. By using the platform throughout the employee journey, they could track development needs and progression – meaning that the platform perfectly met and overcame their challenges. Plans for the future include rolling the platform out to be used across the entire people journey, to be integrated with their ATS Jobvite.

Reach PLC

Reach were hiring in silos – with regional offices operating independently of one another, and hiring managers doing what they wanted to do rather than hiring the Reach way.

They have some excellent company values and competencies, but each location would do their own thing. Their main challenge was in adopting new procedural changes.

We engaged with the senior HR team to help them standardise the recruitment process. We rolled out initially just to the Recruitment team, to help with the hiring of individuals into the business. We subsequently rolled out to the HR team, in order to help select candidates for the company-wide management training program. Reach learnt that with a digital platform, managers and internal stakeholders could very efficiently hire and appraise their people against key company-wide values and behaviours.
Reach have just renewed for another year, and are now adding a third element – using the platform to help with personnel changes and promotions.


Essence were using traditional and rather basic methods of people-assessment, with no scientific or data-driven analysis.

Their challenge, pure and simple, was a lack of diversity. They kept hiring the same sorts of people over and over, and wanted to develop a tool that would bring different and more diverse people into the organisation.

Essence implemented the use of Phoenix 51, digitising the entire people-assessment process and enabling managers to digitally score candidates against the key values and competencies they were looking for.
Essence began finding excellent people from different backgrounds, integrating them seamlessly within their organisation. In short, the platform helped them mitigate against the unconscious bias that had gone before.

Iris Software

Iris is the largest independent software group in the UK. There are lots of different systems in play, and Iris didn’t have a group process for personnel hiring and development.

Each office was hiring within the framework of its own culture, leaving the business with some excellent people, but a mismatch of values and a very high turnover of staff. Iris make a high number of personnel acquisitions, so they wanted a tool that could work easily across the board as new business came in.

We implemented the platform with them back in Sept 2019, to give more control and structure around the hiring and development of their entry-level sales staff. The contract on their current basic package is open-ended, but they have now used our platform to assess or hire upwards of 100 people. By using the platform alongside their ATS Networx, they benefit from a really robust recruitment process. Hiring procedures encapsulate the business’ core values and competencies, and are no longer divided among the various offices or sub-businesses. Iris now want to roll the platform out to the entire business, to cover all job roles and management levels. They’re also looking ahead to working closer with employees on their strengths and weaknesses.


Prior to working with us, Redgate were reviewing CV’s and hiring based on traditional methods. They have a very strong people culture and know what they want, but there was very little data backing up the decisions they were making.

We have undertaken a detailed assessment with Redgate, and digitised the entire recruitment process. They were an early adopter of our recruitment service wrap and assessment platform, and its now been 7 successful years of business.
The data capture and analysis have enabled Redgate to make better hiring decisions, and they now have a far better idea of the types of individuals they need and want to hire.

They have just completed a comprehensive overhaul of their values, competencies and behaviours, which will streamline the entire organisation’s hiring and development programmes. They needed a digital platform to drive this, and our platform was perfect. This is a global solution as we have undertaken this in LA, Texas and the UK.

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