Organisations face issues around hiring the individuals with the correct skills, values, competencies and behaviours. The knock on effect can be poor productivity, increased churn, a lack of diversity and a dilution of company culture. The use of a data driven talent assessment technology platform is paramount to achieving an organisations strategic goals.

Hire the Best Talent

Phoenix51 ensures each applicant is assessed against your organisation’s competencies, skills and values, and boosts the chances of bringing the best people into your company. From pre-screening through competency-based interview to assessment, the platform ensures a structured and robust recruitment process.

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Increase Productivity and Retention

By hiring talent aligned to your organisation’s culture, values and skills, enjoy tangible increases in year 1 productivity onwards. With the average costs of re-hiring estimated to be £12,000 per employee, the platform gives instant and measurable return-on-investment through improved staff retention.

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Development and the Pursuit of Excellence

Phoenix51 offers insight into employees’ strengths and weaknesses from the day they enter your organisation. Tailored learning and development pathways can be created for each individual, helping ensure they follow a path to excellence. Phoenix51 also allows for employee benchmarking – identifying top performers and skills gaps in existing employees.

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Protect and Enhance your Brand

Phoenix51 ensures a seamless experience for applicants throughout the recruitment process. Offering detailed and automated feedback to each individual, the system ensures even unsuccessful applicants receive support and information for ongoing development.

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Comply with Legislative Requirements

Phoenix51 is fully compliant with the latest GDPR and legislative requirements. It mitigates against unconscious bias throughout the hiring and assessment process, with a gated and independent scoring mechanism. Interviewer and assessor data analytics provides feedback on trends, to help ensure fairness and transparency.

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