In the Line of Hire ep1

Carina Lepore: Staying true to yourself & winning in business

Carina Lepore is a British businesswoman and winner of series 15 of The Apprentice. After winning the show Carina landed a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar for her baker business Dough Artisan Bakehouse.

In this episode of In the Line of Hire Carina talks about her experience on the show, what happened after she won and how the pandemic affected her business and relationship with Lord Sugar.

Key moments

2.05: How did the pandemic impact Carina and her business

5:53: Identifying competition from day 1

8:54: Why being relatable was so important in the process

11:54: Pressures of the boardroom

25:44: What it takes to lead a team

Each week former BBC Apprentice winner Lee McQueen and resident business psychologist Chris Wimshurst will be speaking with previous winners and contestants of the show reviewing each episode and the candidates performance.

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