Mark Wright: From Call Centre to TV Stardom

Mark Wright is the winner of series 10 of The Apprentice and the CEO of award winning digital marketing agency Climb Online. He has been named on Forbes 30 under 30 and Entrepreneur of the Year 2018.

In this episode, Mark talks about how going on The Apprentice completely changed his life overnight, meteoric business success and his experience doing business with Lord Sugar.

Key moments:

4:23: Winning the £250,000 investment

5:22: Exponential business growth

10:41: Boardroom shell shock

29:21: Forming strategic relationships in the house

37:18 Getting it wrong in business

Each week former BBC Apprentice winner Lee McQueen and resident business psychologist Chris Wimshurst will be speaking with previous winners and contestants of the show reviewing the latest episode and the candidates performance.

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