In the Line of Hire ep3

Tom Pellereau: From the worst track record in history to winning Lord Sugar’s investment

Tom Pellereau is the winner of series 7 of The Apprentice and Inventor & CEO of STYLIDEAS, where he invents revolutionary products aiming to “make beauty effortless”. Since winning Lord Sugars investment he has grown a multi million business.

In this episode Tom discusses having the worst track record in history and how the changing format of the show from landing a £100,000 job to a £250,000 investment meant he was the right candidate to clinch the win.

Key moments:

4:15: Changes in attitude to entrepreneurship

16:19: Playing to your strengths in the boardroom

25:09: Secrets of the show

35:38: Top picks for the series

47:07: Sugar pens

Each week former BBC Apprentice winner Lee McQueen and resident business psychologist Chris Wimshurst will be speaking with previous winners and contestants of the show reviewing the latest episode and the candidates performance.

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