In the Line of Hire ep4

Alana Spencer: The Importance of Playing to Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Alana Spencer is the winner of series 12 of The Apprentice, and the Founder of Ridiculously Rich. Alana became a self taught chocolatier at the age of 16, and since winning the backing of Lord Sugar has grown her business to over 50 franchises.

In this episode Alana talks about her initial plans to go on the show to boost exposure, but soon realised that she was a serious contender to win.

Key Topics:

3:00: Life before the show

10:14: A change of strategy

15:54: Early predictions

20:41: Playing to your strengths & weaknesses

46:45: Confidence in the boardroom

Each week former BBC Apprentice winner Lee McQueen and resident business psychologist Chris Wimshurst will be speaking with previous winners and contestants of the show reviewing the latest episode and the candidates performance.

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