In the Line of Hire ep7

Joseph Valente: From plumber to Forbes 30 under 30

Joseph Valente won series 11 of The Apprentice in 2015. Joseph has founded several successful companies since winning the show, his first business Impra Gas became the UK’s largest independent Boiler Installation business. In 2020 Joseph launched Trade Mastermind, a coaching academy to support one man bands, sole traders in construction.

In this episode Joseph talks about being a plumber before the show, to a hugely successful businessman and the steps it took him to get there.

Key Topics:

2:45: Law of attraction

5:26: Difficult upbringing

12:47: Investing in yourself

26:57: Being in control of your success

40:07: Challenging your doubters

Each week former BBC Apprentice winner Lee McQueen, and resident business psychologist Chris Wimshurst will be speaking with previous winners and contestants of the show, reviewing the latest episode and the candidates performance.

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